Thanks for making Dreams come true.

Have you ever questioned the integrity of a boat broker? Bet you have. Has it ever crossed your mind that their only goal is the commission? Guarantee you have. Have you ever purchased a sailboat thousands of miles from home and completely trusted your broker? Well you are about to experience just that when you buy a boat from Mike Disch of The Yacht Shop.

The decision to purchase a sailboat in the Caribbean was easy as we had decided on all of our needs before flying to the island. Finding the right broker was definitely a challenge. Mike Disch is the poster child of professionalism and honesty. Mike is genuine, he listens and provides point blank responses with only your best interest in mind. He speaks the facts. Boat brokers are a dime a dozen here in the islands, most cant be trusted, their only focus is to see you sail away into the sunset leaving your hard earned cash at the dock.

Thank you Michael for making our dreams come true, I am eternally grateful for the experience, the friendship and support.

Andrew Gibson & Eduin Castillo


Andrew Gibson & Eduin Castillo

No Pressure

I just finished purchasing a Beautiful 72ft Schooner (Moonfeet 3) through Che Decastro. I have to say that the entire process was pleasant. I do Not have a single complaint. He was never pushy, he let me come to my own conclusions. He responded immediately to any quires I had, whether by phone or email. All documentation that was owed to me was couriered and arrived promptly. He is also very knowledgeable regarding boats in general and especially sail boats. He provides valuable insights and is more concerned that you and the boat fit, then he is for himself making a quick sale. I would recommend his services to anyone, I know you will be satisfied.

Regards, Nathan Anderson.

Nathan Anderson

Great team at The Yacht Shop!

So, you found a boat you would like to buy. Hurray! It’s in the Caribbean. Where do you start?

There’s a Broker’s name but is the firm reputable? It’s expensive to go, what if it doesn’t work out? So much can go wrong, dealing with strangers, other countries, another currency, different laws, different practices, and different expectations.

Mike and I contacted Che Decastro. Using his known and trusted contacts in St Maarten we went from OK let’s book a flight to placing an offer on a boat in under a week.

Before we left Canada there were 7 boats lined up to view. The onsite brokers were there, ready and expecting us.

Che’s contacts in St Maarten, Mike Disch and Hervé Harel had direct, positive attitudes that made us immediately feel comfortable.

We went, we saw, we offered, we left and the work continued. The offer was followed through, the survey and sea trial performed. Within 3 weeks of the offer the sale closed, all closing clause details handled on site by Mike. We owned a boat. It was a stress free process from a team of competent professionals that exuded a confidence that made you feel anything was possible.

Positive experience? You bet! Thank you to a great Team.

Mike & Peggy Wheatstone

Fantastic Service , very pleased !

Michael Disch and Che Decastro have got your boat! They certainly found mine (2001 Dufour 38 Classic) and I could not be more satisfied with their sales efforts. They will match you to the boat of your dreams. Their sales cover the globe, specializing in the North American and Caribbean Markets.

Their service is a model for the industry. Located at the Caribbean Boating Hub, in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten. Where they network with every possible boating service and supplier, located in their backyard. On staff they have Ships Captains, Skippers, a mechanic, a diver and a laborer for personalized service.

Sincerely Yours

W Glenn Fines
S/V Fleur


Thoroughly professional service from a hard working broker

After having had my boat for sale with a large US specialist multihull broker with no results for 8 months, I tried Michael Disch’s Yacht Shop following a local recommendation. Michael was open and straightforward discussing the state of the market and how to find a buyer who would be interested in my particular boat. In collaboration with another broker, he found a potential buyer who turned out to be the final purchaser. Not only that, but we had two viewings on one day in my first dedicated week of marketing with the Yacht Shop. Michael handled the negotiations on my behalf, aware of both my objectives and the buyer’s. An agreement was quickly reached without drama and Michael efficiently organised the survey, handled post-survey queries, keeping both me and the buyer fully informed, and progressed quicker than I expected to completion thanks in part to a constructive collaboration with the introducing broker and buyer.


Customers Have a Say

We felt this was the most important thing we could provide on a web site, a place for Yacht Shop Clients to have voice.

We learn from ever one of our customers, each yacht purchase is unique, not listening to customers is a bad idea.

Che Decastro, The Yacht Shop

Che Decastro